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I am Sophie, yoga teacher, nature and life lover.

For me, yoga is not just a physical practice but a way of relating to the world, a way of living with consciousness.

In 2016, I completed my Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga teacher training in India. I have traveled to this sacred land to gain valuable experience and knowledge.

It gave me the time and space I needed to engage in my personal growth and get closer to my inner being.

This learning period opened my eyes and I began to see the world in a new way. A world based on love, connection and harmony is what I wish to communicate today through my yoga classes.

Accompany human beings with gentleness and kindness to free themselves from any restrictive hold (limiting beliefs, fears, etc.) and to find their autonomy in order to realize their dreams, to rediscover joy and wonder.

I want to contribute to consciously transform inner obstacles – whatever their origin – into creative potential. Therein lies the challenge of every human being.

I want to see Human Beings reconnect with their creative power and find harmony to achieve inner peace: FULLNESS for the greater good of the living!

I personally find peace by putting all my skills and experiences at the service of humanity which needs it so much.

I am passionate about sharing yoga in a therapeutic vision and I am convinced that it can support and nourish us.


I take great pleasure in making my experiences and teachings vibrate. And it is with immense gratitude to my teachers, that today I have the honor of teaching my knowledge and my passion through my courses and my retreats.

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