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About us

The Shakti Home Story 

The first impulses of the Shakti Home project date back to when I was 15 years old. In the midst of the emergence of my awareness of the world, I came up with the vision of an island where healthy foundations would be laid for living together in harmony with the environment.
Although this initial aspiration was driven by adolescent idealism, it never really left me. Like a seed sown, the idea remained dormant for many years. But an inner voice kept telling me that we had to move in this direction.
It was finally in July 2019 that I took to the road in search of a land to welcome this call to live grappling with the essential.

Thirty years had passed since the initial imaginary outpouring. This time had offered me a precious dose of realism to somewhat temper the fragility of the utopianism of my youth.

Without a compass and without a map, I crisscrossed France in search of a place that could meet the many criteria on which it seemed difficult to make concessions. After many adventures, encounters and hardships, powerful heavenly guidance directed me to Portugal. And there, things accelerated to finally lead to the discovery and purchase of this 5 hectare property that I called Shakti Home.

Why this name? First, in gratitude for the Divine Mother who has touched and spiritually transformed me since the Shaktipat initiation that my master, Swami Nardanand imparted to me. By this name, I wanted to connect energetically the Indian ashram, the ashram that I had the honor to build with Swamiji in Brazil and Shakti Home. My deepest desire is to make this place a place of practice where the grace of the Divine Mother can touch and inspire every visitor.

Shortly before the final signing, Sophie's heart and mine were linked. She too carried in her soul the vibration of India and the call to another way of life. His mind had nurtured visions of a project quite similar to the one I was embarking on. Quite naturally we felt united by the enthusiasm of living this adventure together.

A few months later, we learned that our son Maé was on his way to join us. Life wanted his soul to start its process of incarnation at Shakti Home a little less than 2 years before our installation on this sacred ground.
We are now 4 to welcome you to the heart of the Shakti experience.

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