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The spirit of Shakti Home

We are creating Shakti Home as we dreamed...

Our wish is to offer a vibrant and welcoming space to all people who aspire to reconnect with nature, with its nature. For this, we provide a magical place where the elements meet in a permanent dance. It is in this resourcing framework that we offer you a wide range of self-knowledge tools through the exploration and liberation of the body, the mind and the flow of vital energy.

We welcome you to Shakti Home with this in mind. This space is dedicated to the practice of transformative mindfulness. The setting is perfect for this process to take place in beautiful conditions. As for the activities proposed in our courses and retreats, they are all oriented towards what seems essential to us; learn to know the Self, that is to say our deep identity. 

A unique place to unwind


Above all, our deep desire is to offer you a preserved setting in a vibrantly beautiful nature. Between mountains and rivers, we can more easily recharge our batteries and restore the flow of life within us.

In this calm and harmonious environment where the wind sings in the leaves accompanied by the joyful music of the birds, we spontaneously taste the return to oneself. The sound of the river gently invites us into the present moment by reconnecting us to the eternal flow of existence.

From this state of presence, we will enter even more deeply into intimacy with ourselves. Simple practices of meditation, yoga or massage will help us to rediscover together this link body, heart, soul, spirit.

By sharing meals filled with vital energy, moments of communion through song, dance, speech or connection to the elements, the powerful energy of gratitude can naturally get back into motion.

It is in this state of mind that Shakti Home is delighted to welcome you.

“For things to reveal themselves to us, we must be willing to let go of our view of them. »
Thich Nhat Hanh


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