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About us

Shakti Home

Shakti Home is located in lush greenery on the foothills of the Serra da Estrela. In the heart of a valley where the Mondego and Seia rivers meet, the powers of earth, sun, water and wind. The property is some 5 hectares made up of a beautiful biodiversity. Oaks, laurels, willows, olive trees, fruit trees, aromatic plants are part of the wealth of this place watered by a source of pure water and powered by solar energy.


The region is surrounded by mountains, the highest of which, the Serra da Estrela, culminates at 2000 meters above sea level. In winter, its snow-capped peaks offer the only ski resort in the country. The unique and curvaceous rock formations contribute to making the landscapes of this granite block both strange and unforgettable.

It is the ideal setting for hiking or days at the water's edge of one of the high altitude lakes of the Serra.


The generosity of this land allows us to produce our own olive oil and to harvest some of the fruits and vegetables that form the basis of our dishes.

Fall and early winter also bring a wide variety of delicious mushrooms that grow in the surrounding woods.

A chicken coop will soon complete the picture... and who knows, maybe one day we will produce our own cheese.
In the meantime, even if all this contributes to a certain autonomy, we are not aiming for complete independence. This objective seems to us

both futile and elusive. We prefer to rely on exchanges and sharing with small local producers to complete our needs.

Shakti Home is surrounded by other communities and solidarity projects, conscious and in phase with a certain decline called  

by our time.

More than half of the year we have access to a wonderful river beach 5 minutes walk away. It is located at the junction of the Mondego and Seia rivers. Swimming, diving and kayaking are part of daily summer rituals. These rivers are rich in fish and crayfish which delight otters and fishermen.  A good ten minute walk away, we also have access to a magnificent waterfall which offers a purifying particularly energizing.


A short bike ride from Shakti Home is the megalithic site of Dolmen da Orca. Stones raised 5,500 years ago invite us to reconnect with our ancestors. A course in the middle of the dolmens offers the ideal space to meditate on our origins and find the path of our deep roots. The site sits on a plateau offering majestic views of the surrounding mountain ranges.



All the soil in the region is full of crystals. There is mainly clear quartz, but also pink and smoky quartz as well as tourmaline.
This abundant presence brings a remarkable energetic quality  to this earth. For those who have the sensitivity and the ability to allow themselves to be penetrated by these forces, these places are a fantastic opportunity to recharge themselves with vital energy.


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