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The Angels of Labor

Since the birth of Shakti Home, volunteers have played a vital role in the smooth running of our daily activities.

People of all ages and walks of life have stayed here and all added a touch of their soul.

You will find them working on various constructions, watering the garden, exchanging their own stories, singing and dancing,

bringing so much color and spirit of karma yoga to Shakti Home.

What does it mean to volunteer at Shakti Home?

We offer a full day of food and accommodation in exchange for half a day's work (usually 4-5 hours).

Work isn't always glamorous, so we ask people

interested in being as open to cleaning toilets as to harvesting potatoes.

Tasks during class usually consist of helping things run smoothly, such as housekeeping, cooking preparation, washing up, laundry, animal care and garden maintenance. The work between classes depends on the season and the projects in progress at that time.

We appreciate the exchanges that Karma Yogis bring to Shakti Home because there is

always so much to learn and even more to do, especially during the lessons.

Accommodation will likely be a tent during the summer months and a shared room in the house during the winter,

depending on how many people are staying at that time.

We provide tent/room accommodation

Hot showers

Washing machine


Internet access

Yoga classes by appointment (space provided).

We ask for an open mind to work done with love and positivity, independence and Initiative

(see what needs to be done without having to be spoon-fed)

Community spirit, conscious consumption and above all a desire to engage in DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE.

In our experience, volunteering here is not for those who have very little time in Portugal and would like to see a lot on a limited budget using volunteering.

It's more about sitting in one place for a while, getting into the rhythm, offering something for the good of all,

then let the best moment come to move on.

We try to use organic fruits, vegetables and herbs as much as possible for cooking or medicinal purposes.

We have fig trees, lemon trees, peach trees, plum trees, quince trees, apricot trees ourselves and we do our best to grow vegetables around the garden.

We believe that all of our volunteers should talk to plants as much as possible… we are all from the earth and need to feel its presence to gain the right vitality for our journey in this lifetime.

If you are interested in the experience, please contact us by e-mail or click on Workaway.

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