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I was born in Belgium to a Franco-Spanish mother and a Belgian father. I took my first steps in society as a technical and IT manager in a Brussels company. But what had been brewing in me since childhood was pushing me towards something else, towards another way of relating to the world and to existence.

After ten years in a frenetic pace of life, essentially based on work, stress, fatigue and the deep feeling of lack of meaning, I was shattered. While going through a burnout of several years, I made a complete professional turnaround. I trained in psychotherapy and body work techniques to finally set up as a therapist around my 30s.
In parallel to this professional path, I pursued a path of spiritual research which began during my adolescence. This allowed me to explore the tradition of Japanese Soto Zen for 10 years and then that of Tibetan Buddhism, also for ten years. At the end of these 20 years of intense practice of meditation, I met an Indian master of Maha Siddha Yoga. Swami Nardanand initiated me into the Shaktipat stream. It is thanks to all these influences that I was guided to this sacred ground now called Shakti Home. Along the way, Sophie and I met and gave birth to Maé. Sophie, Noa, Maé and I form the heart of the guardian tribe of the place.

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